Small can be big now! Confused? Well the likes of having your own landscape in small spaces can have a big impact in your environment. Bringing the green vibe to you, Ficus + Jars are an ideology of a landscape fixed in modest plots engineered by Faisal Hashim and Faizal Mahmud. Together, these green-fingered gentlemen combine the earthy elements with aesthetics to create beauty in a jar. Using cacti and succulent as their main features, these plants are structured together with natural stones and soils not only for beautifying but also as supplements and oxygenizing you. The latest piece from them is the HYDRO Terrarium, consisting of Japanese stylized arrangement of a modern agriculture.


Healthy minds make a tranquil soul! The art of caring for plants and vegetation is proven to be a stress-reliever and boosts energy. Creating terrariums are a great way to calm the chaotic souls with the earthy colours and greenery of urban planting. So become a pulsating individual by joining us to create your own version of urban miniatures.

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."

— Janet Kilburn Phillips