Small can be big now! Confused? Well the likes of having your own landscape in small spaces can have a big impact in your environment. Bringing the green vibe to you, Ficus + Jars is an ideology of a landscape fixed in modest plots engineered by a prominent photographer Faisal Hashim and an ardent graphic designer Faizal Mahmud. Coming from an art and design background together, these green-fingered gentlemen combine the earthy elements with aesthetics to create beauty in a jar. They offer ready-made and customized terrariums, as well as DIY kits and even workshops.

From the ground up: The idea came about when both lived in apartments where space for home gardening is limited. With the discovery of planting small gardens in jars in the urban agriculture, Faisal and Faizal began to explore and stylize their own designs. What was once a mere hobby, turned into a small business. Starting small by sharing their ideas and gifts with family and friends, Ficus + Jars eventually grew through the help of social media. By the end of 2013, they’ve began selling online mainly through instragram on the account @ficusandjars. Even today their product are also available to purchase at Lazada online store and for ready-made terrarium you get them from Ilaika Select Store

The main idea behind Ficus + Jars is to promote a healthy yet therapeutic lifestyle. Living in a congested and a fast pace world, one would have to take care of our well being.  These terrariums are effective at reducing stress because it focuses on the sensory aspects of touch/texture and smell to encourage a relaxing creative and safe environment. F+J are also about creating the happiness in jars where everyone can enjoy.